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This site and its contents are designed, built, and maintained by Jeff Sullins (that's me). I generally devote my spare time, such as it is, to writing Java games. Occasionally I even slip a tool I've created on the job onto the site, but that is pretty rare.

I have various goals with the site, including the release of more games, some of them perhaps with some kind of profit model. For now, though, I am content to hope that something I create is interesting to players. I've never made a dime with any of my software, and will be suprised if I ever do.

I should really add more content to this "about" page, but yeah... well... I'm an awfully lazy person. As I type this I am implementing an all-new web site and my guess is that this temporary text will sit here unchanged until the day that I get another new site or give up altogether. Heh.